• MICHAEL AFTERMATH: Looters caught on camera in Panama City convenience store


    PANAMA CITY, FLA - Hurricane Michael ripped through the Florida Panhandle, leaving thousands without food, running water and power. 

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    As Panama City residents struggle to survive the horrible conditions in the storm's aftermath, many are concerned about looters. 

    "This hit so hard and so fast that a different aspect of human nature is going to come out and people are going to do anything to survive," said one Florida resident.

    Two men were caught on camera ransacking a Panama City convenience store, officials say.

    In the video you can see the gas station's front door is broken and the glass is shattered as the men walk around inside.

    According to officials, the men said they were friends of the owner and took off with a backpack filled with food. 

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    Residents have placed signs around the city warning looters to stop stealing.

    One sign reads, "U loot. We shoot."

    Officials said several other businesses have also been ransacked.

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