‘Our wife earned her wings’: Charlotte woman dies after battle with brain cancer

CHARLOTTE — A Charlotte woman’s battle with brain cancer has ended.

Roslyn Singleton captured the hearts of millions through social media videos of her husband, Ray, singing to her. Her family told Channel 9′s DaShawn Brown she died Tuesday.

In the fullness of her light, Roslyn Singleton had an infectious smile and as much flare as she showed fight.

We first met Roslyn and Ray in 2020, when the couple shared an intimate glimpse into their lives. Its chapters included a love story that’s now legendary, along with the story of their faith and four bouts with brain cancer.

“Even though I have this situation, it doesn’t defeat me. It doesn’t get me down,” Roslyn said in fall 2020. “It doesn’t make me feel like ‘why me.’ It makes me feel like, ‘thank God it was me.’ That’s how I feel.”

Then, Wednesday morning, Ray Singleton shared the next chapter. He explained why their cancer battle is over when he wrote, “our wife earned her wings.” He then encouraged their friends and followers not to be sad, but celebrate.

Roslyn’s legacy -- her impact, her story and her spirit -- has touched the hearts of countless people.


“I understand that God has not only given me a gift, but he’s given all of us a gift,” Ray said on Instagram. “And I am responsible for taking care of that gift. So y’all, thank God for what this is.”

Within seconds of Ray’s post Wednesday, thousands answered the call. One wrote, “You two taught us all something about true love and exemplified honoring vows in a way most have never seen.” Another said, “Her smile, their story, his love for her was so infectious, and genuine, and pure.” And another: The writer in speaking of Roslyn, who was also a Navy veteran, said, “She served us in so many ways.”