Parents plan to protest mask mandate at Cabarrus County school board meeting

CABARRUS COUNTY, N.C. — Masks inside schools are once again up for discussion in Cabarrus County.

One parent told Channel 9 that their child was suspended for not wearing one.

The parent said the decision was reversed by administers, but other parents want to make sure it stays that way.

On Monday, the mask mandate policy is going to be tested by parents and students who disagree.

The call for protest started after 12-year-old Lincoln Matthews said he decided not to wear a mask to school Thursday with the support of his father.

“If their parents stand behind them like my dad, I think it will be a good influence,” Lincoln Matthews said.

The boy said school administrators kicked him out for insubordination because he was not obeying protocol.

Matthews showed Channel 9 the notice of disciplinary action.

He said his father, Brandon Matthews, went to speak with the administrators, who reduced the accusation to a dress code violation.

“That’s awesome that they done that, so it doesn’t affect his record but he hasn’t violated no dress code,” Brandon Matthews said.

Brandon Matthews said he went to social media with his son’s story, and now a lot of people are interested in joining Lincoln’s protest.

He said on Monday that there may be fewer kids wearing masks across the district and it won’t be by accident.”

“I started tagging photos and tagging people. And right now it has blew up. So we have a ton of supporters,” Brandon Matthews said.

Channel 9 reporter Glenn Counts said the school board is expected to discuss the mask mandate Monday night.

Counts said the board narrowly voted for the mandate due to rising COVID-19 cases.

Although the public will not be allowed to speak, protesters said they will be at the meeting to send the message that things need to change.

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