Proposal approved to turn south Charlotte apartments into affordable housing

CHARLOTTE — The Charlotte City Council approved a proposal to turn an apartment complex in south Charlotte into affordable housing during Monday’s meeting.

Councilmembers said the move will lower rent at the Charlotte Woods apartments to between $250 and $1,000 per month. On top of making rent more affordable and housing more acceptable, renovations to windows, roofs, heating, and cooling systems


Residents at Charlotte Woods apartments said doing so would make a world of difference, and would even allow them to save more money.

“As far as the inside, the inside is beautiful, and that’s why I fell in love with it,” Deborah Jordan said.

Jordan loves her home. Still, she faces a tough reality each month.

“Sometimes you’re like ‘should I go to the doctor or should I pay rent,’ which is very important,” she said.

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Jordan said she pays a little over $1,000 per month in rent.

“It could be affordable for some people, but for older people, it can be expensive,” she said.

But she’s hoping Charlotte City Council will vote to make rent there less expensive. On Monday, members will consider a proposal to convert the complex to affordable housing. Woodlawn Noah, LLC is asking the city for $8 million to turn all 266 units into rental subsidies.

“I think that would be great because I know lots of people are struggling with rent,” Sabrina Garner said. “And I know people who have two or three jobs to be able to even afford living here.”

Garner is going on two and half years living at Charlotte Woods and said she likes the plans to convert it. In addition to making rent more affordable, Woodlawn Noah would replace windows, roofs, and HVAC and electrical systems.

“Some of the things have been a bit dated, especially the HVAC system because you cannot have heating or cold,” Garner said.

As city leaders vote Monday, Garner wants them to keep one thing in mind.

“People who live here and have lived here, they deserve to be able to live in the city and not have to move to cheaper areas,” she said.

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Almiya White

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