Records: Charlotte attorney accused of faking seizure, assaulting employee

CHARLOTTE — A well-known defense attorney is accused of faking a seizure and assaulting a police officer after allegedly attacking her office employee, according to court documents.

Mary Leazer Rogers was arrested on Monday. According to her arrest sheet, around noon that day, officers were called to Euclid Avenue, where a woman told them Rogers had punched her in the head. The victim said Rogers hit the right side of her face and nose five times, scratching her and drawing blood.

Officers saw the injuries on the victim’s face and saw blood on one of Rogers’ nails, which supported the victim’s allegations.

The victim told police that Rogers had gotten upset with her about a client’s case. The client had been at the office earlier but he had left before officers arrived.

The victim told police that Rogers had accused her of having a personal relationship with the client. She also alleged Rogers wanted to have a sexual relationship with her, but she told police she refused to engage with Rogers. She said Rogers got upset with her and began arguing with her and cursing at her, which led to the assault, the arrest sheet says.

Police arrested Rogers for simple assault. While they were taking her to the patrol car, authorities said Rogers kicked one officer in the lower leg. She then spit in another officer’s face once she got to the patrol car, police said.

Authorities said Rogers, growing combative, refused to sit inside the patrol car when asked and laid on her stomach across the backseat while in handcuffs. Officers opened the back door to try to reposition her, but she forced her way out of the car and onto the ground, police said.

Officers said Rogers was screaming and cursing the whole time, and people came out of their offices to see what was going on.

Police said it was then that Rogers had what they believed was a seizure. They said later, Rogers admitted to medical staff at the hospital she had faked it.

Rogers is also accused of spitting on a paramedic’s head while she was being loaded into the ambulance.

Rogers was arrested for simple assault, assault on government officials, and malicious conduct by prisoner.

Rogers has represented numerous defendants charged with murder, robbery, DWI, and other crimes. They include Michael Withers, a murder suspect who was released from jail repeatedly before his his bond was eventually revoked.

According to court records, Rogers is still listed as Withers’ attorney. She has represented him since October 2021.

According to her website, Rogers is from Charlotte and attended North Mecklenburg High School. She graduated from Davidson College in 1992 and from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill in 1995. Before she was a defense attorney, Rogers was a prosecutor in the Mecklenburg County District Attorney’s office for several years.

On Tuesday, clients showed up to Rogers’ office in Dilworth expecting to meet with her, but nobody was there. They were stunned when Channel 9′s Hunter Sáenz told them about the allegations against Rogers.

“Rang the doorbell, knocked at the door, called the phone, nobody there,” said client Danielle Devito.

Devito was more than disappointed to hear about the allegations and was frustrated after her family took the day off and drove from Union County, with no warning that no one would be at the office.

Now, she’s wondering how Rogers’ personal case could impact her relative’s case.

“It’s not anything I want representing my family member,” Devito said.

As far as what impact the case could have on Rogers’ ability to practice law, or her current cases, Sáenz learned the bar could take action if a complaint is made. However, that could take a while knowing these are only allegations right now.

Rogers shared a statement about her arrest, saying she was remorseful.

“Mrs. Rogers is remorseful and deeply saddened with the circumstances surrounding her arrest on Monday,” it reads in part. “Regardless of the specific facts and circumstances that resulted in law enforcement being contacted, Mrs. Rogers acknowledges the incident does not reflect well on her personally or the legal profession generally. There will be a time and place for the facts to be sorted out in a court of law. Finally, we express gratitude to the many family members, current and former clients, professional colleagues, and friends that have reached out to express support and encouragement.”

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Hunter Sáenz

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