Neighbors say overflow parking from Myers Park HS clogging streets

CHARLOTTE, N.C. — A Myers Park neighborhood is frustrated with drivers parking along their narrow streets, which they said causes safety issues. They said it's mostly students from the nearby high school, and are hoping the district will come up with a parking solution for their students.

"Just in the past five years, it's really become an issue with the students from Myers Park (High School) not having enough room over there to park," a neighbor said. "So, they park on public streets and it is a public street and they are allowed to park."

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Another resident told Channel 9 her garbage hasn't been picked up because of all the vehicles parked along the curb. Residents said they call the police every week because fire hydrants are blocked by vehicles.

"I understand it, but I don't think we're really -- we try to avoid their parking spaces and stuff like that," a student told Channel 9. "I understand their concerns."

The student said he tries to be respectful and doesn't know where else to go.

"There's not any more parking at the school, so you have to choose somewhere else to park," he said. "My counselor, she told me there're two places. There's this one, and there's one in front of the school."

"I don't know what the answer is because I understand the students need a place to park," one resident told Channel 9. "But I also understand that I need to be able to get out of my driveway when I need to go somewhere, and they're just not thinking about what their vehicle interferes with."

Channel 9 reached out to Charlotte-Mecklenburg Schools to ask about the issue.

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A representative sent a statement from Myers Park Principal Mark Bosco:

"We have an ongoing dialogue with community members regarding the parking issue. While we do encourage our students to be good neighbors and observe driving and parking laws while in the community, we cannot force legal student drivers not to park in the community. When resources permit, we do occasionally patrol these areas and issue warnings when appropriate. CMS and school leadership met with community members last Friday to discuss issues and remedies. Many students want to drive to school, but the school cannot accommodate all drivers. As a result, students do park legally in the surrounding community. If students park or drive illegally, we encourage the community to call the police." 

The district said Myers Park High School has 3,600 students and 762 parking spots for visitors, handicapped, staff, faculty and students. Officials said there are 436 permitted drivers, who are mostly seniors and CPCC students.