Security company closes after guard fires 16 shots during bank robbery

CHARLOTTE, N.C. — The state recently shut down a security company months after a guard opened fire on armed robbers.

The guard fired at least 16 shots, emptying the gun’s magazine, according to sources. No one was shot in the incident that happened in March at the State Employees Credit Union in University City.

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"For anyone to fire that many rounds and not hit anything and not be registered is very alarming," said Bud Cesena, with the Private Protective Service Board.

The board issued a cease-and-desist order against Calloway Security, the company that the guard worked for, putting it out of business for failing to meet training standards.

“We tried to talk to the company about it, but no one came to the door,” Cesena said. "Apparently, he had some training in the past, but PPSB requires that a person who is a registered guard receive yearly updates."

Training is a big issue in the security guard industry across the state, according to the board. Guards receive far less of it than police, it added.

Ten companies from North Carolina were cited for using an independent trainer who was only giving a few hours of instruction and then putting guards to work, according to the board.

One of the companies that used the trainer is Guard One in Matthews.

Armed guards receive around 40 hours of training, which is less than police officers, who get 16 weeks of training.

"I'd like to see more training in weapon retention,” Cesena said. “The board would like to see more training in use of force and use of force continuum."

Those 10 companies took corrective action immediately and have been allowed to continue to operate. They have been given 30 days to bring their training up to standard.

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