Mother says son was bullied when parents, students got into fight on CMS bus

CHARLOTTE, N.C. — Parents were involved in a fight on a school bus Tuesday, Charlotte-Mecklenburg Schools district officials said.

It happened on Piedmont Open IB Middle School bus No. 402.

A mother who said she was involved in the altercation said her son called from the bus.

“I feel like in this instance he’s a victim of bullying,” said the mother, who did not want to be identified for fear of retaliation.

The mother said her son was being bullied and the driver would not pull over until the bus arrived at his stop.

The mother said she and her husband took matters into their own hands to protect their son.

“He got off the bus,” the mother told Channel 9. “They start fighting. That’s when I got on the bus to try to stop him. But as I’m pulling, the little boy’s reaching over my husband’s arm and pulling my son. I’m trying to stop. I’m trying to stop it. I wasn’t trying to fight a kid.’

The parent said she explained this to police who responded to the scene.

There is no word on if the parents will face charges.

The mother said she wishes she handled the situation differently and that her top priority is her son’s safety.

“I’m still angry because it should’ve never went this route. In my son’s defense, I’m going to make sure he’s OK,” she said.

The parent said her son and the other student are currently suspended.

School officials sent parents of students on bus 402 the following message:

“Hello Piedmont families on bus 402,

“This is Principal Barone with an important message. We are dedicated to maintaining a safe and secure learning environment in our schools as well as on our school buses. A fight occurred on bus 402 today and parents became involved in the incident.

“Fighting is disruptive and a violation of the CMS Code of Student Conduct. The safety of our students and staff remains a top priority and we ask parents to support our efforts to maintain a safe environment by setting a positive example for their children.

“CMS PD and administrators are actively investigating this incident.

“Please speak to your children about appropriate behavior on the bus and remind them of the serious consequences of their actions. We appreciate your support.”

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