Suspect, victim in deadly Cook Out shooting were co-workers

CHARLOTTE — Jaselyn Horne, 26, was hired at the Cook Out on Sunset Road in northwest Charlotte about four or five months ago, and it’s where her co-worker, Malek Crosby, 20, allegedly killed her early Sunday morning.

Jaselyn Horne was a mother and she loved to work, family members said.

“That’s my firstborn,” said John Horne, the victim’s father. “She was my firstborn.”

The Horne family is trying to cope with her death.

“It’s real, it’s real tough,” John Horne said. “You have sisters, aunts, mothers, that’s hurting.”

Jaselyn Horne’s homicide was a result of workplace violence, court documents said.

“It’s senseless,” her father said. “It was a senseless way to go.”

The family said that Jaselyn Horne was an excellent provider, and she worked a lot of hours.

“She had a son and she wanted to provide for him, and she did provide,” John Horne said.

Her son’s name is Seven and he is five years old.

“He doesn’t even understand what’s going on right now, asked about his mother, he doesn’t understand right now,” John Horne said.

Police have not said what sparked the shooting. Nevertheless, Jasyelyn Horne’s family wants justice. They don’t want vengeance.

“No more bloodshed needs to happen,” John Horne said. “No more genocide. No more of our youth dying senseless deaths.”

The family doesn’t believe that anything is worth the life of their loved one and they don’t want other families to share their pain.

“We got to stop killing each other,” he said. “We need to stop it.”

Police said that everyone who had clocked in for that shift was present when officers arrived except for Crosby. He was arrested a few hours later.