• Trash company closes; customers want refund

    By: Jason Stoogenke


    CHARLOTTE, N.C. - Complaints against the company Carolina Disposal because of trash piling up was first reported by Channel 9 in December 2018.

    "In the beginning, everything was fine, and then we started to notice that they were picking up later in the day, missing days," Charles Williams told Action 9. "Then, they just didn't show up anymore. We tried to call them and, 'Oh yeah, we're coming.  We'll be there tomorrow.'  Well, tomorrow came and went, they never came. 'Oh, we'll come on the weekend.'  Weekend came. Nothing. Then, eventually, you couldn't even get through to them."

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    Williams switched trash pick-up companies, but there's still a problem. He said he already paid Carolina Disposal through May.

    "You pay in good faith and you expect service," he said. 

    Williams wants the rest of the money back, which he estimates is a little more than $100.

    Carolina Disposal's phone number has been changed, and the new number is "unknown," according to an automated message. 

    Its website is "under maintenance." 

    The last post on its Facebook page says: "Attn customers: Given recent unfortunate and unexpected circumstances, we have transferred certain assets (equipment) to a new vendor. The new vendor will be contacting you to establish a new account so that there is no future disruption in your trash removal service. As for customers who have prepaid for our services, we are reviewing all emails and correspondences so that we may issue reimbursements as needed. We apologize for the inconvenience and the delayed communication. We appreciate your patience and support during this difficult time."

    Williams said no one's reached out to him. 

    "At least contact me. Do something. I told them, I (said,) 'Look, I'm willing to give you your cans back if you give me my money,'" Williams said. 

    Action 9 suggests that customers think twice before they prepay.

    You can go that route but just make sure you feel comfortable with the company.

    If you're owed money, consider the attorney general’s office and small claims court.

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