Video shows man attacking teen on Huntersville soccer field

HUNTERSVILLE, N.C. — Video sent to Channel 9 shows a man attacking and throwing a teenager to the ground on a Huntersville soccer field.

That man has been cited for simple assault, but the teen’s parents say that’s not enough. They told Channel 9′s Joe Bruno that more needs to be done.

The video is hard to watch. Fifty-year-old Amon Hahn is seen running across the soccer pitch and pushing the teen down. He’s also accused of kicking and throwing the 15-year-old.

After they all got up, a short time later, you see the man throwing the kid back to the ground.

Hahn was only given a citation.

It happened Thursday at the Bradford Park soccer fields in Huntersville. The 15-year-old’s family members gave the video to Reporter Jorge Vélez of our sister station, Telemundo Charlotte.

>>Watch the cellphone video below.

Johan Mejía de los Santos was there and saw it all happen. His brother, Joshua, is the victim.

“He’s still shocked. He’s not good,” Mejía de los Santos told Bruno. “He’s at home, his body hurts obviously from where he kicked him and shoved him down.”

He said it all started over his brother kicking a soccer ball toward Hahn’s car. He said that’s no excuse for what happened.

“It didn’t even hit his car,” he said. “The guy, he just got out, was aggressive and he was just yelling at us at how we should be better, how we suck and everything.”

The Mejía de los Santos family traveled to the Mecklenburg County magistrate’s office Friday afternoon to show the video and ask for stronger charges. They also want to make sure this never happens again.

“In that situation, there should have been more consequences to his actions,” Johan Mejía de los Santos said.

The video shows a Charlotte Independence logo on the net. Bruno reached out to the team and a spokesperson said none of their teams were involved. They said as soon as they found out about the incident, they called police.

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