VIDEO: Woman seen stealing baseball bats, hiding them in her skirt

HUNTERSVILLE, N.C. — A baseball and softball training facility is asking for help identifying a woman caught on video stealing several bats.

It happened at D-BAT in Huntersville. The business posted video on social media Wednesday of the theft.

The surveillance video shows the woman hiding all the bats in her skirt.

“There were just piles of bats in her skirt,” D-BAT worker Cam McCord said.

McCord told Channel 9 that he was working the front desk at the time of this incident. He said another woman was purposely distracting him while the thefts occurred.

He said they got away with 17 bats that, together, are worth more than $6,000.

“It is expensive equipment; we are a smaller facility, and we are like a family here. We all have each other’s backs, and it is kind of messed up; they stole from a place like this,” McCord explained.

However, it seems that the Huntersville story isn’t the only one that has been hit. The same women appear to have struck the D-BAT in Concord as well.

“Hopefully they will be prosecuted,” said D-BAT General Manager Ryan Query.

Query told Channel 9 that the women got away with at least eight bats. Video from inside the store captured one of the women in a giant gray skirt, and as she leaves, you can see what appears to be the outline of bats.

D-Bats regularly holds practices and camps for baseball and softball players of all skill levels. So Query said it’s sad that someone would target them.

“We don’t want to create that fear. This is a family establishment where the kids come and practice this to be a place where they can enjoy the game,” Query elaborated.

At least 11 D-BATs nationwide have had these types of robberies, including one at a location in Indian Trail.

D-BAT asked anyone with information about these incidents to reach out to Huntersville police.

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