• NC man thinks his kids are playing with Nest thermostat, turns out it's been hacked


    WAKE COUNTY, N.C. - You've heard of people hacking phones, computers and even baby monitors, but one Wake County man said someone hacked his thermostat.

    Johnathon Schisler said at first, he thought it was his kids who set the temperature in their house to 90 degrees. He even blamed Alexa, but it wasn't until the Nest thermostat reminded him to change his air filter that he realized something wasn't right.

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    "That's when I noticed the email account that shows up on the Nest is no longer my email. Then, I went into my app and realized it was no longer me logged into my app," said Schisler.

    Nest manufactures smoke detectors, security systems, smart doorbells and thermostats.

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    "Fortunately, I don't have Nest cameras or the Nest doorbells, where they could look in on what we're doing," he said.

    Nest officials said the company hasn't been breached, but Schisler's password may have been exposed through breaches on other websites. For example, he was using the same password for his Nest thermostat that he used for another site.

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