Woman opens fire on cell tower workers hundreds of feet in the air, sheriff says

ALEXANDER COUNTY, N.C. — Cell tower workers -- the brave souls who climb hundreds of feet into the air to make sure your cellphone works -- have a terrifying enough job, but police said an Alexander County woman made it even scarier by shooting at them this weekend.

Susan Moose has been charged with assault with a deadly weapon after court documents state she fired a .22 revolver at a cellphone tower worker.

Channel 9 got a hold of the 911 call made from the tower, where a three-person crew was doing work south of Taylorsville.

"I've got a lady across the street that's been yelling and raising hell since we've been here -- that we're on her property -- and now there's shots that have been fired," the caller told a dispatcher. "I've got two guys on the tower."

Deputies said when they arrived, Moose was armed with two axes and had barricaded herself inside her house across the street from the tower.

Authorities were able to eventually get her out of the home. She was arrested and charged with misdemeanor assault with a deadly weapon and resisting arrest.

Sheriff Chris Bowman said Moose has contacted deputies previously over concerns about the tower.

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"She's hearing voices from that tower, they're sending signals -- this type of thing," Bowman told Channel 9. "It concerns me she has a weapon and actually discharged that weapon."

None of the workers were struck by the bullets.

"I think they were pretty scared, and they had reason to be scared when they called our 911 center," Bowman said.

(Susan Moose)

Moose is also accused of breaking into a neighbor's home.

The sheriff said Moose's weapons are no longer in her possession.

She is scheduled to be in court on Dec. 16.