Woman outraged after daughter’s braids were pulled out at school

CHARLOTTE — A woman is upset because she said she was not notified that her seven-year-old daughter got hurt in a fight with another student while at school.

Britany Wallace said her daughter got into a fight with a seven-year-old boy Tuesday at Mountain Island Lake Academy.

“Anybody would take this as a small incident. ‘Oh, like that’s not that bad.’ No, it is that bad,” Wallace told Channel 9′s Glenn Counts.

Her daughter’s braids were pulled out during the scuffle.

“Got her dermatological appointment coming up, as well, and they’re speaking on procedures like, they got to test her scalp. And really bad to the point where you have to get implants,” Wallace said.

The mother is upset about many things but her main complaint is that she said the school didn’t contact her about the injury or the fight.

“How can I trust that when my child gets hurt?” Wallace said. “You all don’t know what to do. You all cover it up.”

The school district strongly denies any allegation of a cover-up.

“At Charlotte-Mecklenburg Schools, we take all incidents and allegations of student misbehavior seriously,” said Lisa Barnes, the district’s executive director of Student Discipline. “All incidents and allegations of incidents are thoroughly investigated and addressed according to the Student Code of Conduct. The safety and security of our students is of the utmost importance, and we will continue to ensure we are cultivating learning environments that support the needs of all scholars.”