CMS middle school teacher accused of sex acts with student to appear in court Monday

CHARLOTTE, N.C. — A Charlotte-Mecklenburg Schools teacher accused of inappropriate sexual conduct with a student will appear in court Monday.

Charles Naas, 26, will have his arraignment Monday and is expected to enter a plea.

Officials are unsure if it will be a not guilty plea that will send this case to trial or if he will take a plea deal that will bring this case to a close.

Channel 9 has been following this story since it broke last July.

Naas taught 7th grade at Alexander Graham Middle School in Myers Park.

Police say he sexually abused a student that he was tutoring. The abuse reportedly happened at Naas' home.

Naas is also facing child porn charges.

Police arrested Alexander Graham Middle School teacher Charles Naas a year ago and charged him with indecent liberties and a sex act with a student.

A police report, released Monday, said Naas met a 13-year-old boy for tutoring at an east Charlotte home.

Investigators said that while Naas was there, he made the boy sign a confidentiality agreement and then "touched the victim inappropriately."

That raises new questions about tutoring.

“I don't think there is a role for CMS to define or regulate tutoring off campus,” said Sean Strain, a candidate for school board. “I think if teachers are off campus and they want to continue to help the kids, and parents see an opportunity to advance their children’s education, then that’s on them.”

A CMS spokesperson said it would not have a policy about what teachers do away from school.

Parents had different views.

“You can't codify the world,” Bill Mowry said.

”There probably should be some type of registration or some type of minimum regulation,” Raymond Head said.

For now, Naas' future will play out, not in a school or home, but in a Mecklenburg County Courthouse.

CMS officials said Naas was first hired by the district in August of 2014. Officials did not immediately provide an update on his employment status.

Charlotte-Mecklenburg police officers received information about a sexual assault involving Naas and a student.

It was not clear when the alleged incident happened, nor was it clear how that information got to investigators.

Neighbors said they saw a lot of law enforcement activity at the home early Saturday.

“I was letting my dogs out and then I saw about eight police cars coming, pull in the yard and I ain't know what was going on,” neighbor Perrin Davis said. “You had thought somebody had gotten killed over here.”

Police told Channel 9 that this is an active investigation and are working to determine if there are any additional victims.

Charlotte-Mecklenburg Schools human resources is involved, school officials said.

Police are asking anyone with information to call Crime Stoppers at 704-334-1600.

Principal Robert Folk released a statement to parents and staff:

Good evening, AG parents and staff.  This is Robert Folk, principal at Alexander Graham Middle School, calling with a message to keep you informed of events surrounding our school.

You may see or hear news reports that Mr. Charles Naas, a 7th grade teacher at AG, was arrested this weekend by Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police. In collaboration with Charlotte-Mecklenburg Schools Police, Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police, and CMS Employee Relations, I assure you that appropriate legal processes are being followed.

Please know that your child's safety and well-being is my primary concern at AG Middle. I am upset and concerned about this situation. I expect students, parents and staff to have questions. Please understand that privacy laws prevent me from sharing any details outside of public documents. I can share that the reported act did not occur on a CMS campus.

Supporting our children should be our focus at this time.

Please let me know if I or a member of my team can be of assistance to you or to your child.

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