Judge grants new DNA testing in case of man convicted in UNCC student's murder

UNION COUNTY, N.C. — The North Carolina Center on Actual Innocence said a judge in Union County granted new DNA testing in the case of a man convicted in the 2008 murder of a UNC Charlotte student.

[Irina "Ira" Yarmolenko's Death: Timeline of Events]

The group is representing Mark Carver and believes he was wrongfully convicted of killing Ira Yarmolenko.

It has been fighting to get that conviction overturned.

Past Coverage:

Yarmolenko was found dead next to her car on the Catawba River. An autopsy said she died of asphyxiation.

In 2011, Carver was convicted of strangling the 20-year-old.

Officials said Carver’s DNA was found outside Yarmolenko’s car, but his attorneys argued it may have been transferred there by a police officer who shook Carver’s hand by the river.

Representatives for the North Carolina Center on Actual Innocence said they hope to have those new DNA test results back by their hearing in the case on April 2.