South Carolina makes millions selling people’s driver’s license information

COLUMBIA, S.C. — South Carolina is making millions selling people’s driver’s license information and it is legal under federal law, WPDE reported.

Since 1994, South Carolina has been able to sell people’s name, address and other information. It can also sell information about violations against the driver.

In the last fiscal year, the state made more than $15 million from selling the information.

The companies that have spent the most on the information include Southern Farm Bureau, SCI and LexisNexis.

“I am disappointed about it, but I cannot say that I am surprised. It’s just another item in a long list of opportunities where the government is making money off of private citizens," said a driver, who didn’t know this was happening.

Below is a statement from the South Carolina Department of Motor Vehicles:

“South Carolina and federal law dictates that motor vehicle and driver’s license records maintained by the SCDMV may be disclosed in certain situations.”

The DMV said it doesn’t make any money from the sales and that it all goes to the Department of Transportation.

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