• Charlotte firefighters make push to prevent cancer from fire contamination


    CHARLOTTE, N.C. - Firefighters put their lives on the line every single day.

    Their health is also at risk because many people believe chemicals that cause cancer get into their uniforms during a fire and stay there.

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    Charlotte firefighters are making a big push to minimize cancer in the department by participating in Safety Stand Down Week.

    The week is dedicated to learning why they have certain precautions like washing their gear, faces and trucks after fires to rid themselves of carcinogens.

    Channel 9 has extensively covered the increased risk for firefighters. Levine Cancer Institute is trying to figure out why so many firefighters are getting cancer.

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    The cancer risk was paramount for the Harrisburg Fire Department when it built a new fire station. The station features a special room for firefighters gear complete with a separate ventilation system so they aren't breathing in the harmful chemicals from their uniforms.

    Watch the video above as Channel 9's Elsa Gillis shares some of the firefighters' personal battles and the precautions they're taking to protect themselves.

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