2 years after west Charlotte mass shooting, CMPD increases reward for information

CHARLOTTE — The Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police Department gave an update Friday morning on the 2020 mass shooting in west Charlotte.

Friday marks two years since gunmen fired more than 180 rounds into a crowd of people at a block party on Beatties Ford Road. Nine people were shot and three of them died. Another person was killed after being hit by a car trying to escape the gunfire.

The victims were identified as Kelly Miller, 29, Christopher Gleaton, 28, Jamaa Keon Cassell, 39, and Dairyon Stevenson, 31.

Police said about 400 people were at the party but since the shooting, they have not made any arrests.

On Friday, CMPD announced they are increasing the reward for information in the case up to $30,000. That’s on top of the more than $17,000 that the ATF is offering, which makes the total reward $47,300.

Investigators said someone needs to come forward to bring these victims’ families justice.

“Over the last two years, CMPD and their partners have worked relentlessly to try and find the individuals responsible and to hold them accountable,” said LT. Bryan Crum. “We really ask that anyone that has information regardless of how small they think it may be to give us a call.”

A father of one of the victims said because it’s unsolved, he can’t pay proper respects to his son.

“As a father to the day my family goes down to visit my son’s grave. I can’t go. And I’m hoping one day that he gets the justice that he deserved,” said Charles Billings.

He’s been pushing for more information from police about that June night.

“I was hoping that I will be in court facing that family, that person that murdered my son,” Billings said.

But that hasn’t happened. At this point, police said they have surveillance video of multiple shooters firing into the crowd.

In October 2021, police arrested a convicted felon at a club, allegedly carrying a stolen gun. They later connected that gun to the shooing, but he was never tied to the shooting itself.

Just this month, Channel 9 learned that the charges against him were dropped. The district attorney’s office said there were several reasons for dropping the charges. They said the gun was recovered inside a car that was occupied by several people and that they were unable to do a DNA comparison. They didn’t believe there was enough evidence for success at trial.


That was the latest update Channel 9 got on the investigation. Families of the victims said they rarely hear from investigators.

“I’m gonna keep talking to my son, praying, hoping that before I leave this earth, I hope God (gives) me that answer,” Billings said.

Community activist Mario Black said he was there the night of the shooting, recording on Facebook Live. Now, he comforts the families.

“Just loved on them, let them know that there were people in the community that were praying with them, and for them during this tragic time,” Black said.

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