Fans asked, organizers answered: Lovin’ Life to give free water amid heat concerns

CHARLOTTE — Organizers say the Lovin’ Life Music Fest in uptown will have free water stations after fans expressed safety concerns.

Several people took to social media to share worries about the heat and lack of easy access to water. This comes off the heels of increased concert safety concerns after a December Taylor Swift concert in Brazil where a fan died of heat exhaustion.

In a statement, organizers said this was a response to concerns from concertgoers, and that they wished to “assure all attendees of our unwavering commitment to safety and satisfaction.”

It was previously only available to buy or at the medical tents for emergencies. In a screenshot sent by a Channel 9 viewer, Lovin’ Life responded to a concern of heat issues by telling a commenter “if you’re feeling unwell due to dehydration or overheating, please don’t hesitate to visit one of these tents. You’ll be provided with an 8 oz. cup of water, place to sit down and rest and our medical staff will assess your condition, providing further treatment if necessary.”

Now, organizers say there will be free water and attendees can bring empty cups to fill.

The inaugural festival is set to take place in early May, when temperatures start climbing toward summer heat.


Festival organizers told Channel 9 they are expecting 90,000 fans over the three days.

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